5 Ways to Write Faster and Better This Fall

5 Ways to Write Faster and Better This Fall
October 4, 2015 No Comments Writing Lynneklippel

It’s fall and everyone is thinking about all the writing that did not get done during the summer.  LOL

Here are five tips you can use to write your book as quickly as possible.

iStock_000030444460Small1.     Slow down and get organized.  If you are in a hurry to finish your book, you can easily become overwhelmed and spend hours on Facebook instead of writing.  To be more efficient, invest some time creating a solid plan for the content of your book.  You can create a mind-map, an outline, or even use sticky notes holding the key points you want to make in your book.  You need a road map for the content of your book to help you write faster and better.
2.    Select a sound track for your book and play that same music each time you sit down to write.  It’s a subtle thing but helps to train your brain to get back into the creative flow of your book.

3.    Match your topic to your mood.  You don’t need to write your book in order.  Instead, go to your outline and select a section of your book that matches the feel of your day.  For example, if you just finished a great session with a coaching client and feel on top of the world, work on a happy, upbeat part of your book.  If you are having a frustrating day, select a writing section that talks about a problem or negative consequence.  Go with your mood instead of fighting it and you’ll write with less resistance.
4.    Be willing to make some short-term sacrifices.  If you are writing a book on a tight deadline, you’ll have to say no to some things, even if they are fun or profitable.  Tell friends and family that you are going into your writing cave for a month and that you’d love to get together when you are finished.  See if you can postpone taking on new work projects until after you finish your first draft.  Writing a book is a big job and takes some time. People will understand if you need to be more solitary than usual while you are writing.
5.    Hold your book in sacred silence while you are writing the first draft.  Resist the temptation to send out chapters for feedback, unless you are working with a professional editor or writing coach.  Friends, family, and colleagues are not able to give informed feedback during the writing process. Waiting for their feedback and then processing it will just slow you down and mess with your head.  You may be led to believe your book is awesome or dreadful, just from the comments of a well-meaning friend who has never attempted book authoring.  Just wait for feedback until you are finished writing and you’ll move more quickly.

What about you?  Share your favorite writing tip below.  We’re better when we work together.

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