A Book Launch to Watch…and Learn From

A Book Launch to Watch…and Learn From
September 20, 2016 No Comments Book Marketing Lynneklippel

There’s a book launching today that is taking the internet world by storm.  It’s one of the best book launches I’ve seen in a long time.  There are many key points you can learn from this launch and apply to your book marketing.

A couple of caveats:  I am not an affiliate of this book, will not make any money if you buy it, and I don’t know the author.  I’m not suggesting that you buy the book—although I did just because I am fascinated by the topic.

First of all, the book is bravely titled.  It’s called Pussy– yes that dreadful word that makes most of us shudder.  Controversy sells and the author, Regena Thomashauer and her publisher, Hay House, are making the most of that shocking title. The book is about female empowerment, so a bold title like that gives the author lots of opportunities for media coverage in all media channels.  Plus, social media is buzzing today about the book.

Lesson #1- Create your book to whet the appetite – make sure your title engenders curiosity, desire, anger, or some other strong emotion.

Next, check out the book launch page here: http://www.mamagenas.com/newbook/

There is a clear link between the book cover and the design of the website.  The overall design of the site is very easy to read and quickly know how to order.  Most importantly, the site proves the author’s competence and authority.  Her years of experience in the field, her previous successes, and the benefits of the book are clearly spelled out.  There is not a lot of copy, but every word is compelling.  There are also strong testimonials from experts who are highly recognized in the topic area.

Lesson #2- Make your book website a powerful sales force for your book

I was surprised to see the offer for bonuses as that technique has been retired for a few years. This launch proves that there is still a benefit in offering bonuses with purchases if you do it strategically.  The author is aiming for a big launch day, so her first bonus is something offered today.  That starts the book quickly and encourages fast action from people considering the book.  Why take a few days to think it over if you can come to a free live stream tonight?  Books are becoming an impulse purchase, so a fast action bonus is a smart way to motivate early sales.

You may be wondering why there are more bonuses for buying the book in a store than on Amazon.  My guess is that this book is slated to be a New York Times best seller so sending buyers to all possible book outlets will help in that quest.  Many of you will not be aiming for NYT bestseller status, but it is interesting to consider not only sending traffic to Amazon.
Notice that all the bonuses are directly from the author, which enhances her credibility.  There are just a few bonuses, but they all have a high perceived value.  The days of offering a bunch of free reports or junk from others are over- thank goodness!

Lesson #3- Consider bonuses for a quick launch, but only those with a high value to your readers.

The other smart thing Regena is doing is sharing why she wrote the book, how it scared her, and talking candidly about how the title will shock her mother and teenage children.  She uses vulnerability and honestly skillfully in her interviews and web copy.  She shows up as a real person who is afraid of some backlash, but willing to take a risk because of the importance of her message.  Regena doesn’t try to appear above her audience but shares her emotions as a member of her audience as well as a leader.

Lesson #4- Don’t try to be perfect.  Show up as you are and use your vulnerability to connect to your readers.

Finally, on the thank you page for book buyers, readers are asked to leave a review on Amazon and share the book with others.  Reviews are extremely valuable in today’s market.  After all is said and done, many books are sold by word of mouth and recommendations.  With all the technology available to us, nothing is more powerful that the words of delighted readers.

Lesson #5- Write a book that your readers will love and then ask them to share that love with others.

Overall, this book launch demonstrates wise planning, savvy use of the author’s experience and previous work, bravery and a deep commitment to the message of the book.  I hope it inspires you!

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