Author: Lynne Klippel

Author: Lynne Klippel

Some Scary Stuff Going On Here
February 21, 2019 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynne Klippel

I’ve had a book project on my heart for the last two years.  And, I’ve procrastinated for that entire time.  It was so easy to take on other people’s projects and avoid doing my own writing.  I’m a ghostwriter– that’s how it is supposed to be, right? This book idea is scary.  There many reasons

How to Navigate the KDP Dashboard
September 20, 2018 Publishing Lynne Klippel

As you know, CreateSpace and Kindle are merging. If you have paperback books printed with CreateSpace, your books will be automatically ported over to Kindle some time in the next month or so. I moved my books over already so I could learn how to use the new systems.  The two biggest changes are in

Big Changes With CreateSpace and Kindle
Image September 20, 2018 Publishing Lynne Klippel

I got notification from Amazon yesterday that Create Space will be merging with Kindle over the next few weeks.  Kindle is now printing paperback books, so having both Create Space and Kindle was overkill for Amazon. According to the email, all CreateSpace books will be automatically moved over to your Kindle account over the next weeks, so

How’s the Writing?
Image September 20, 2018 Author Inspiration Lynne Klippel

I just wanted to pop into your email box and give you some encouragement.  Some of you are beating yourselves up this morning.  You don’t feel like you’ve done enough writing this week or maybe even over the last few months.  If you have written, you are questioning the quality of your work. These doubts

Four Ways to Provide Effective Writing Feedback
Image September 4, 2017 Writing Lynne Klippel

Writers are often asked to critique or provide feedback on others’ writing. This situation can be difficult. It is hard to know exactly how robustly to critique another writer’s work. You don’t want to crush anyone’s dream or give false praise when it isn’t warranted. Do you concentrate on grammar, style, or the message? It’s

8 Tips for a DYI Writing Retreat
Image June 8, 2017 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynne Klippel

Writing retreats have been on my mind lately.  I am preparing to lead a group of writers on a retreat in October which sold out in 48 hours, not because I did a fantastic job marketing it, but because busy writers know that carving out dedicated time to focus on writing may be the only

Breaking Barriers to Book Marketing
Image April 22, 2017 Book Marketing Lynne Klippel

“Book marketing” Just hearing those words can strike terror into the hearts of new authors.  Book marketing can seem mysterious, difficult, or down right impossible.  I get calls all the time from authors who have boxes of books arriving on their doorstep and no idea what to do with them next. In my experience, there