Author: Lynneklippel

Author: Lynneklippel

Self Coaching Questions for Powerful Authors
February 10, 2012 Writing Lynneklippel

To be an author requires that you give deeply of yourself: your wisdom, your knowledge, and your passion for your topic. So today, in celebration of you, take 20 minutes and use these questions to explore yourself more deeply.  The insights you uncover will aid you in achieving your goals as an author and business

Show and Tell- A Peek Behind the Scenes of a Freshly Published Book
February 1, 2012 Uncategorized Lynneklippel

Today, we celebrate the newest Love Your Life Publishing book, Step Up Now: 21 Powerful Principles for People Who Influence Others by Susan S. Freeman. Susan gave me the opportunity to publish her book and design her new website, She wrote a wonderful book so it was a joy to write her website copy

“Do a Costanza” with Your Book’s Competition
January 13, 2012 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Few authors want to think about competition. It may feel crass or unspiritual to think of competing with other authors. It may frighten you to think that other books have already been written on your topic. Most authors don’t like the idea of crushing their competition and may even avoid looking to see what other

The 2012 Author’s Word of the Year
January 1, 2012 Writing Lynneklippel

Each new year I select a word to focus upon, like a touchstone.  This word becomes a guiding force in all my work.  Last year, the word was community and I built new ways for authors to connect with each other into all the programs and services of Business Building Books. It took me a

Write Your Way Out of Trouble
December 8, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

When something bad happens in your life or in your business, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips: your ability to write. Follow this fool-proof method, and watch your stress level decline and your ability to cope grow strong every day. Step 1 – Give Yourself a 24-48 hour Freak Out Period When a

Secrets for Seeding Your Book
November 15, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

While your book provides education, entertainment, or information for your book, it is also an opportunity to create an on-going relationship with your readers. Savvy fiction and non-fiction authors know the power of those reader relationships and write their book strategically to foster them. You’ve seen this in action many times. For example, the Twilight

Balanced Books: Make Your Book Appeal to the Head, Heart, and Hands of Your Readers
November 3, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

Successful non-fiction books have a balance to them.  They don’t just give readers dry facts, intense feelings or a list of action steps for self improvement.  If a book was all facts, it would be as entertaining to read as the phone book.  If it was filled completely with feelings, the experience of reading would

Squirrely Marketing: A Real-life Parable for Authors
October 21, 2011 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

St. Louis is celebrating baseball!  Our home team, the St. Louis Cardinals, won a spot in the World Series, despite having a terrible slump and many losses in the middle part of their season.  The team was plagued by injuries until August.  Once everyone was healthy, the team has been on a winning streak that

What’s Your WHY?
October 13, 2011 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Kathleen Ragan, a stay-at-home mother, loved reading stories to her young daughters.  She took them to the local library every week to pick out fresh books and made story time an important part of every day. Kathleen began to notice a disturbing trend.  All the books she was reading featured male heroes.  As she began

Platform Part 3, Income
October 7, 2011 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

Thanks again to the creative team at Greenleaf Book Group for sharing this platform building series! Income. It’s the last piece in the platform development puzzle and the final brick on your path to success. It’s an absolutely essential function of your business and brand. It’s where your audience shows you the money, and it’s