Author: Lynneklippel

Author: Lynneklippel

Successful Author Secrets- 3 Minute Video Tip
Image January 19, 2014 Writing Lynneklippel

Do you feel like your creativity could use a boost? This video will give you a quick tip you can implement today. What do you think? List your comments below.    

Kirkus Review Indie Winner in the Family!
Image January 19, 2014 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Husband and wife author team, Philip R. Belzunce and Lalei E. Gutierrez have been part of the Business Building Books family for quite some time now, since they participated in the best-selling Overcomers, Inc anthology project. Phil and Lalei’s new book, Eight Pathways of Healing Love, which they self published, was just named one of

Author Tip from Ecuador
Image December 30, 2013 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

My favorite Ecuadorian tradition is the New Year’s Eve Celebration. Families and businesses create dummies called monigotes to represent all the things they want to leave behind from the previous year- regrets, bad relationships, problems, guilt, or anything negative.  These monigotes are made of old clothes or paper mache.  Some look like politicians, animals, super

All I Want for Christmas is to Thank You
Image December 18, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

This time of year makes me misty.  I love the joy of the Christmas celebration, the hush of the final week of the year, and the opportunity to look back and forwards at the same time. My favorite moments are quiet, reflecting on all the blessings in my life, including you. Today, I celebrate and

How to Use Creative Writing Prompts
Image November 27, 2013 Writing Lynneklippel

by Bryan Cohen The brain works like a computer. If you give it the right codes, it will do what you ask it to do. One of the best creative codes you can feed your brain is a well-worded question. The reason most of the creative writing prompts I come up with are questions is

Student Spotlight- Linda’s Story
Image November 14, 2013 Writing Lynneklippel

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the joy of working closely with a group of writers on my 7 Writing Archetypes and their corresponding templates.  It’s a system I developed that helps people clarify their writing voice for each article, blog post, or book chapter, and then use a template to ensure all

Using Song Lyrics in Your Book- Should You?
Image November 12, 2013 Writing Lynneklippel

Copyright law regarding song lyrics is complicated and can be confusing. This article from Galley Cat makes it clear. ( Click on this link to read it) I like the final piece of advice- just don’t! However, you can get the same effect in your book by using a song title, which is not subject

Peek Behind the Scenes of My Move Today
Image October 21, 2013 Author Income Streams Lynneklippel

 Happy Monday! Just a quick note to invite you to listen in as Joel Sanders from Instant Teleseminar interviews me today about moving to Ecuador, running a business from a foreign country, and some of the tools I use to stay connected. It should be very interesting and give you some ideas you can use.

The Bookstore is Not Dead
Image October 17, 2013 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Last week while I was in Portland, I had the opportunity to visit Powell’s Books, the biggest bookstore in America. It was heavenly….an entire city block filled with books.  I jokingly referred to it as an orgy for book lovers. Powell’s features books of all genres from novels to cookbooks to poetry to self-help.  There

Book Discovery- The New Buzzword
Image September 28, 2013 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

This article from Penny Sanseveri at Author Marketing Experts is a must-read. Discovery – Another Buzzword We’re Wrestling to Understand When I was first in the industry discovering a book was easy and pretty uncomplicated. Back then publishing had seasons and if you wanted readers to find the book, you stuck to the rules. Big