Big Changes at Amazon Kindle

Big Changes at Amazon Kindle
July 24, 2014 20 Comments Book Marketing Lynneklippel

New flash- Amazon has a new program you need to know about.

Here’s a quick video that will give you all you need to know:



What do you think about this?  Discuss below.


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    Barbara Smailey

    WOW!!! GREAT info! You’re the FIRST to let me know about this! I’m impressed and very grateful even though I don’t have a book yet. How DO you keep so up to date considering you’re not even in the U.S.? You are amazing! Thanks so much for keeping your fans on top of developments with Kindle! Gratefully, Barbara (P.S. Trouble with my website…working on it.)

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    Annette Vaillancourt

    Thanks for the update. I heard about this, but was unclear how this would affect my book. I assume we can opt out of KDP if we want to later.

    You look great, by the way!

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    Thanks, Lynne. As usual you’re not only on top of developments, you’re ahead of them. This pricing and distribution innovation is fascinating for readers, authors, publishers, consumers and investors. It will also be interesting to see if and how this new Kindle formula affects the book-pricing controversy Amazon is having with France. Warmly, Liz

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    Maria Ruiz.

    ‘thanks Lynne. I might have missed the information and you’ve made it available for me once again. And you’ve done the homework so I don’t have to.

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    Kathleen Gage

    Great post Lynne. As always, you are keeping your community informed as to important changes coming.

    As you said, the benefit to the reader is that we can get lots of great reading material for free.

    However, as you said, this is a great way to have an author’s work introduced to the reader.

    An author would be wise to look at how they can continue building a relationship with the reader beyond reading the first book.

    Think “lead bait.”

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    Thanks, Lynne. I appreciate your looking at the change from both a writer’s and reader’s perspective. I was thinking of trying it for August, but I have lots on my plate. I will be interested to hear how you feel at the end of August when you can see how it worked for you as a reader and an author.

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    Jean Johnson

    Great news, Lynn. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’ll also benefit as an author from this new program.

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    Thanks, Lynne, for this informative video. I knew about this new program via Amazon email, but you really explained what they did not, so I appreciate the explanation of the good and the bad of it. After living in Turkey for ten years (the last time), I know how important it is to stay abreast of what’s going on elsewhere. Isn’t it amazing how our lives are made easier now when we’re away? Thanks again, Lynne!

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    Tony Gartner

    Hi Lynne;

    Thanks for the information, I am still reading books, not Kindle but enjoyed the information and seeing you and hearing your voice.

    Be well,


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    Ramon Presson

    Thank you. Very helpful video and good-to-know information. It will be interesting to see if authors really benefit from Kindle Unlimited, not just Amazon. We know that Jeff Bezos is more interested in market dominance & profit than in authors, publishers, or even readers. My hope is that it will prove beneficial & profitable for both sides. Thanks again for taking the time to keep us informed. By the way, you explain things well, concise & clear, and that is a gift.

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    Bob N.

    Hi Lynne,

    Nice job for sure overall on the tutorial video on this new Kindle Unlimited program launch. One small clarification. KDP is the main overall Amazon program, but I believe you meant to say that in order to qualify for this new subscription program, as an author / publisher, one must be enrolled in what is called KDP Select (missed that last term in your explanation). It is enrolment in KDP Select than then entitles one to participate in the Kindle Unlimited program and share in the people.

    I totally see the potential side benefits to an author here, what with new readers, exposure, and potential they may then buy paperback later on. However, at the this point, the math doesn’t make much sense. Two links here on the matter.

    At this point in time, the math doesn’t look great. take a fixed US$2M pool (may go higher later), divide by 600k books estimated in KDP Select transitioning into KDP Unlimited as well, and then divide again by download reads and sharing in the total of all reads, and one can see most authors will get very little. Maybe that changes in time. Amazon, on the other hand, gets US$10 monthly per reader. My understanding of KDP Unlimited at this time is that an author will get a share of the pool as divided amongst all other books in the program and how many times each book is read. Notionally, say each 1M new subscribers to KDP Unlimited brings Amazon $10M in new monthly revenue, and if each reader say reads 2-3 new books monthly, if not more, one is churning through 200k-300k reads per million subs. There may be many more subs, and many more reads. But at this time, the revenue pool for authors is fixed. So, the more readers / subs, and the more download reads, the incremental amount shared with authors falls dramatically.

    Now, the revenue pool may hopefully one day increase, but at this point, an author / publisher needs to understand that participation here is purely for an exposure / new reader perspective, and not about any new incremental revenue at all.

    Just some extra thoughts here.

    Thanks and regards.

    Bob N. Boguslavski

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      Lynne Klippel

      I agree Bob, and really appreciate your additional well-considered comments on this. My concern is the revenue split as well. However, my goal here at Business Building Books is to help authors use books to build businesses which provide more than just books, so for many of the authors here, the extra exposure is worth more as a business lead than a couple of bucks of royalties. If that is your goal, this program is a smart move. If book revenues are your main objective, then the jury is still out.

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    Kudos to the great author of all times!!!

    It’s an amazing grace listening to your video. You’re so much of a great inspiration for all Authors and authors to be. I’m still trying to cope with all the gathering of Datas for my book, more readings, one day at a time. I believe it’s also the monetary fund as one of the factors for this project. So help me Lynne through God. Take care in His Loving care, Lorie C W

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    Connie (Corcoran) Wilson

    I read David Morrell’s remarks and he was not very positive about the effects for we hard-working authors. I am also somewhat flummoxed about putting my book(s) up on Smashwords, which I had never (previously) done. I had just decided to do that, urged on after a meeting with Apple representatives in NYC at ITW, and now I read that the books in this have to be “exclusive” to Amazon? Is that right? I also can’t figure out why 2 of THE COLOR OF EVIL series I write (THE COLOR OF EVIL, Bk. #1, and RED IS FOR RAGE, Bk. #2) are listed as being IN the program, but the 3rd book, just out (KHAKI=KILLER) is not. I ran KDP giveaways on all 3 books (K=K one just ended July 13) and, therefore, why are only TWO (of the series 3) in the program? I don’t “get” it. I am at work on Book #4, but wonder if it would be considered ineligible if up on B&N, or….? The fact that no $ figures are available is also very confusing and leaves much additional confusion for authors. Someone on LinkedIn commented that they didn’t see the value when a person could buy 3 Kindle books, or get them via free giveaways, without paying anything, but as your situation is that you live in Ecuador, I can see the benefits for you. Otherwise, if someone were in the U.S., I wonder if they’d just wait till a book was “Free” or 99 cents? The whole thing has me questioning the advice of Apple reps to put my catalogue up via Smashwords, and I am definitely wanting some solid figures on whether it works out to be a really bad deal for authors, like me, who are supposedly “automatically” enrolled in the program for reasons I cannot fathom. (See remark above about Books #1 and #2 making the cut, but book #3 not being included.) In some ways, if the first 2 books are downloaded by people in this program and they like them, then that sounds like it means they would have to pay the $3.99 to get Book #3, which sounds like a canny marketing ploy on my part, but, alas, it is just the way Amazon has crumbled this cookie, and I’m not sure if it is a good cookie or a bad one.

    Connie (Corcoran) Wilson, M.S.
    CEO, Quad Cities’ Learning, Inc. (blog)
    Connie Wilson Author (on Twitter)
    Connie Corcoran Wilson on Pinterest and Facebook

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      Lynne Klippel

      Hi Connie- I’ve never used Smashwords but from what I know, Amazon gets the most web traffic of all book sellers so that’s where I steer clients to for posting ebooks. However, others have differing views and think it is most wise to post your book everywhere you can, including Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, etc. My best suggestion is to track everything you do and see where you get the most sales, then you’ll know where your particular readers are shopping.

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    Gary Moore

    An email I got about it last week, said Amazon was starting the fund at $2,000,000.00.

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    Hi Lynne,

    Nice job on the video. Thank you for keeping us informed of new developments at Amazon!



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    Lynne Klippel

    Thanks for the great comments all! I want to highlight a hidden gem in this comments. Books are client attractors so whether you have your book on Kindle, in print, or available on other retailers, always remember to give readers a classy invitation to visit your website to connect with you and get a free gift. That’s my book seeding concept which I mention in almost every training I do. If you need more information on this topic, let me know and I’ll do a video on it soon.

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    Dear Lynne….as always, on the “cutting edge” of What’s Going On !

    Applause to you for this report….you are the ONLY one of the so-called “guru’s to even mention this very important development for authors everywhere. I’ll be eagerly following your comments and explanations.

    THANK YOU for being the expert that you are….and for sharing!


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    Tracey L. Moore

    Thanks for the good info!
    Author of Oasis for My Soul: Poems and Inspirational Writings for Spiritual and Personal Growth


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