Category: Author Inspiration

Category: Author Inspiration

Some Scary Stuff Going On Here
February 21, 2019 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynne Klippel

I’ve had a book project on my heart for the last two years.  And, I’ve procrastinated for that entire time.  It was so easy to take on other people’s projects and avoid doing my own writing.  I’m a ghostwriter– that’s how it is supposed to be, right? This book idea is scary.  There many reasons

How’s the Writing?
Image September 20, 2018 Author Inspiration Lynne Klippel

I just wanted to pop into your email box and give you some encouragement.  Some of you are beating yourselves up this morning.  You don’t feel like you’ve done enough writing this week or maybe even over the last few months.  If you have written, you are questioning the quality of your work. These doubts

3 Silent Book Killers
Image November 6, 2017 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

You know how it goes. You have a great book idea, get all excited, start writing, and then it happens. Your enthusiasm for the book begins to leak out like air coming out of a balloon. Soon, there is nothing left of your great idea except guilt and regret. I’ve seen this happen, both in

8 Tips for a DYI Writing Retreat
Image June 8, 2017 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynne Klippel

Writing retreats have been on my mind lately.  I am preparing to lead a group of writers on a retreat in October which sold out in 48 hours, not because I did a fantastic job marketing it, but because busy writers know that carving out dedicated time to focus on writing may be the only

Writing During Tense Times
Image January 17, 2017 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

This is a tense week.  People on all sides of the political debate in the US, and even people in other countries, are holding their breath, waiting for something terrible to happen.  So how can you still write or work on your business?  Most of us cannot take a week off from our responsibilities. Here’s

3 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Readers
Image November 22, 2016 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I want to thank you for being part of my family!  I was thinking about gratitude and how grateful I am that you read my articles, publish your books with me, coach with me, or come to my retreats.  You trust me with your ideas and words….and I am deeply honored

A Surprising Block to Writing…and 3 Ways to Fix it Fast
Image June 21, 2016 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Many of my clients face the same problem.  I had it for years too, but never knew.  The problem kept me going around in circles and stuck.  It wasn’t until I moved to Ecuador that I realized what was going on. I was exhausted!  My life in St. Louis was very stressful.  I worked too

Curing the Author Inferiority Complex
Image June 7, 2016 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Have you been plagued by AIC- Author Inferiority Complex? AIC rears its ugly head when you least expect it: The hour you finally set aside for writing Right before a media interview Smack in the middle of chapter 12 The day before your book is set to launch Every author, even the ones with multiple

The Trucker and the Artist
Image June 24, 2015 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

I know several professional trucker drivers.  I am in awe of the way they can maneuver those huge trucks into tiny spaces, back them up, and drive safely mile after mile. I was thinking about them the other day when I was procrastinating on a writing project.  I wasn’t feeling too inspired and wondered if

Who is the Villain of Your Book?
Image May 19, 2015 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Every book needs a hero and a villain, even non-fiction ones. A while back I wrote a blog post about finding the hero of your book. If you missed that article, you can review it here   There is a flip-side to that conversation. It’s also important to identify the villain of your book. I