Category: Author Inspiration

Category: Author Inspiration

Stuck in the Writing Wasteland?
Image February 2, 2015 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

In last week’s training call we talked about the 12 stages of the Author’s Journey. Step 6 is one that presents many challenges for authors. I call this step The Writing Wasteland. It’s the stage where you are in the process of writing your book and experiencing joy, frustration, fear, elation, pride, and extreme doubt.

The Author and the Hero’s Journey
Image January 21, 2015 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Last week I was doing some research on Joseph Campbell and his famous Hero’s Journey. Campbell studied the great myths and legends from around the world and found a 12 step process common to all great heroes. I started thinking about authors and their experience of writing and publishing a book. Hours later I was

The Measure of Author Success
Image December 19, 2014 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel

It is a gorgeous clear day here in Ecuador and I’m sitting on my front porch writing and thinking about you. I start every day, rain or shine, with a cup of tea and my journal on my front porch.  For an hour, I write for fun and to explore life more deeply.  I also

Authors- This Book is for YOU!
Image November 17, 2014 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

It’s so easy to get stressed out over your book writing, marketing, and business building activities.   We all work so hard and are so focused on our goals and timelines that our book writing efforts can feel like drudgery instead of creative joy. The remedy to all this stress waits for you in Marney K.

Fire Up Your Writing for Fall
Image September 7, 2014 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

As we move into a new season, whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, it’s time to rekindle, rejuvenate and regenerate our creative writing fire. We want to make an impact with our writing. We want to move and inspire our readers. Yet our own passionate and inspirational writing juices may not be flowing. How

Set Your Summer Up for Writing Success
Image June 3, 2014 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Summer is here! Yes, it’s mid-year and a good time to review, reassess, re evaluate and refurbish your business to be more productive and create a smoother work flow for the remainder of the year. Here are three areas to consider: Office Environment – Do you love your work space? Do you feel good when

Quick Video Tip on Writing More by Doing Less
May 5, 2014 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Today’s tip is counter-intuitive…..I’m telling you to write less?? Let me know what you think about this tip in the comments below. Happy writing!

Kirkus Review Indie Winner in the Family!
Image January 19, 2014 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Husband and wife author team, Philip R. Belzunce and Lalei E. Gutierrez have been part of the Business Building Books family for quite some time now, since they participated in the best-selling Overcomers, Inc anthology project. Phil and Lalei’s new book, Eight Pathways of Healing Love, which they self published, was just named one of

Author Tip from Ecuador
Image December 30, 2013 Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

My favorite Ecuadorian tradition is the New Year’s Eve Celebration. Families and businesses create dummies called monigotes to represent all the things they want to leave behind from the previous year- regrets, bad relationships, problems, guilt, or anything negative.  These monigotes are made of old clothes or paper mache.  Some look like politicians, animals, super

All I Want for Christmas is to Thank You
Image December 18, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

This time of year makes me misty.  I love the joy of the Christmas celebration, the hush of the final week of the year, and the opportunity to look back and forwards at the same time. My favorite moments are quiet, reflecting on all the blessings in my life, including you. Today, I celebrate and