Category: Author Inspiration

Category: Author Inspiration

Eliminating The 4 Book Marketing Myths That Keep You Stuck
March 18, 2013 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Enjoy this and then leave me a comment to let me know you were inspired.     To Enroll in the Essential Book Marketing course, click here:

5 Must-Read Books for Authors
March 11, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Great writers read. There is something about dipping into the written word that inspires you to write more powerfully. Whether you are writing a blog, a digital book, a home study course, or a full length book, the power of your writing will be enhanced as you observe the way that other writers use language.

Author Salon TV Launches Today
January 25, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

What would you do if you had something that you were deeply ashamed of and could not figure out why it kept happening? If you were like Colette Baron-Reid, you’d start studying yourself to find out why this problem kept occurring, see if anyone else had a similar issue, and the devote yourself to finding

Looking Back and Looking Ahead: 2013 Trends
December 28, 2012 Author Income Streams,Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

I get nostalgic during this quiet week between holidays. Its fun to look back to see all the changes that have occurred and then to look forward into the brand new year. First, congratulate you on making it through the wild ride of 2012. It was a year of intense change for everyone I know,

Don’t Give Up On December
November 30, 2012 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

December can be a challenging month for authors and entrepreneurs. There are holiday celebrations to plan and attend, decorating, parties, and end of the year paperwork to complete. It can be tempting to just give up on December and decide that you won’t get any work done on your book or be able to make

Bursting My Buttons With Pride
November 29, 2012 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing,Writing Lynneklippel

This blog was just selected as a finalist in the The Future of Ink contest for the Top 10 Blogs for Authors. Who-Hoo! Check out the great blogs below. Lots of fantastic information for authors here. [listly id=”2PS” layout=”full”]

Madly In Love with Me- Author Q&A
November 26, 2012 Author Inspiration,Publishing Lynneklippel

Just read a great new book that will change many lives, Madly in Love with Me. I’ve read so many books on self care and women; this one is by far one of the best.  There is deep wisdom in this book as well as fun, heart, and much spirit.  Consider giving this book as

How to Handle the Holidays as an Aspiring Author
November 19, 2012 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

The Holidays can be a wonderful time of family connection or a time of disappointment for aspiring authors.  It can be tricky to know how to best talk about your book or if you should mention it at all. Some authors share that they face jealousy, criticism, or condensation from family members when they mention

Quick and Easy Ways to Pick the Perfect Book Topic and Organize Your Content
November 12, 2012 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

By Lynne Klippel When you are in the process of writing your book, you may be overwhelmed with all the ideas that you could possibly put into your book. You have ideas, stories, illustrations, and quotes flooding your mind, as well as a wealth of blog posts, articles, and other written material to pull from.

Happy Birth-Day to a Wonderful New Book
October 14, 2012 Author Inspiration,Publishing Lynneklippel

Join me in celebrating the launch of the newest book from Love Your Life Publishing, Dance Into Your Power: A Woman’s Journey to Powerful Presence, by Maia Beatty. I am so proud of this book because: It’s a wonderful read Maia worked incredibly hard to make this book honest, compelling, and unforgettable It took a