Category: Book Marketing

Category: Book Marketing

Breaking Barriers to Book Marketing
Image April 22, 2017 Book Marketing Lynne Klippel

“Book marketing” Just hearing those words can strike terror into the hearts of new authors.  Book marketing can seem mysterious, difficult, or down right impossible.  I get calls all the time from authors who have boxes of books arriving on their doorstep and no idea what to do with them next. In my experience, there

A Book Launch to Watch…and Learn From
September 20, 2016 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

There’s a book launching today that is taking the internet world by storm.  It’s one of the best book launches I’ve seen in a long time.  There are many key points you can learn from this launch and apply to your book marketing. A couple of caveats:  I am not an affiliate of this book,

Future Trends in Digital Publishing
Image August 10, 2016 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Angela Collins is a design student from Australia who did extensive research on what we can expend in digital publishing in the future.  She kindly allowed me to publish her findings here: Where is the future of digital publication heading and how does it affect the role of the graphic designer? Furthermore, what are the

New Amazon Options and Rules
January 26, 2016 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Once again, is shaping the book market with innovation.  They have just released two new enhancements that you must know about, both as a reader and an author.  Both will make book marketing better so I’m a big fan. Free samples-  Just like at your favorite ice cream store, Amazon now offers you the ability

The Measure of Author Success
Image December 19, 2014 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel

It is a gorgeous clear day here in Ecuador and I’m sitting on my front porch writing and thinking about you. I start every day, rain or shine, with a cup of tea and my journal on my front porch.  For an hour, I write for fun and to explore life more deeply.  I also

How Karen added 5K Subscribers in a Weekend
Image August 15, 2014 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Karen Brody, one of my book marketing students, recently did a remarkable promotion on Kindle and added 5,000 subscribers to her email list.  I was so thrilled by her results that I did a quick interview with her so you could grab some ideas for your book marketing efforts.  Karen is doing another free promotion

Big Changes at Amazon Kindle
Image July 24, 2014 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

New flash- Amazon has a new program you need to know about. Here’s a quick video that will give you all you need to know:   What do you think about this?  Discuss below.  

Social Media Tips from Martha Giffen
Image May 7, 2014 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

I met a smart and savvy woman at a conference and fell in love with the way she teaches authors about social media. Martha Giffen is a best-selling author and one of the smartest people I know in the social media arena. She graciously agreed to share her best author tips in this 30 minute

Ready for a Dose of Book Marketing Reality?
Image January 26, 2014 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Just had to share this outstanding blog post from Russell Blake- a novelist with more than 30 books under his belt. Russell takes on “the dream of being discovered” and tells it like it is….which means that you have to do a lot of work to become a successful author. I agree with his thoughts,