Category: Book Marketing

Category: Book Marketing

Eliminating The 4 Book Marketing Myths That Keep You Stuck
March 18, 2013 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Enjoy this and then leave me a comment to let me know you were inspired.     To Enroll in the Essential Book Marketing course, click here:

Testimonial Envy!
March 11, 2013 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

When I received Your Ultimate Life Plan by Dr Jennifer Howard,I was amazed at the testimonials she garnered from top authors in many genres. In this week’s episode, Jennifer reveals how she scored those important endorsements as well as other important platform building tips you can use. To Enjoy this fresh interview to to

Writing Life Magazine- The Future of Publishing?
March 4, 2013 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

Click to view Writing Life Magazine on GLOSSI.COM   Is this the future of publishing? Check out the multi-media format, the ability to use video, audio, and images to bring new life to your text. Savvy authors will already be imaging how to use this format for sample chapters, book trailers, and other ways to

SEO for Authors- Guest Post by Penny Sanseveri
March 1, 2013 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Feature Article: The Death of SEO? How to Build an Online Presence Google will Love! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With all the changes to Google many Internet gurus have predicted the end of SEO. Well, it’s not the end per se, but rather a change from the way we used to market online. The reason Google is making

Bursting My Buttons With Pride
November 29, 2012 Author Inspiration,Book Marketing,Writing Lynneklippel

This blog was just selected as a finalist in the The Future of Ink contest for the Top 10 Blogs for Authors. Who-Hoo! Check out the great blogs below. Lots of fantastic information for authors here. [listly id=”2PS” layout=”full”]

Top 10 Ways to Promote a Virtual Book Tour
November 5, 2012 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

by Dana Lynn Smith What if you could promote your book to a large, highly targeted audience from the comfort of home, get people buzzing about your book and sharing it with others, and get valuable backlinks to your website? You can, with a virtual book tour. On a virtual book tour, authors promote their

Using the Before, During, and After Technique to Market Your Book
October 23, 2012 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

One of the biggest challenges facing every writer is knowing how and when to market her book.  Many new authors mistakenly wait too long to start marketing, thinking they can deal with the marketing after the book writing and publishing is completed. That’s understandable.  Few of us have taken classes in how to become a

Book Websites are Changing
October 10, 2012 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

I’ve been watching how book websites are evolving and I really like what I’m seeing. The days of a long, boring sales letter to sell your book are gone. Web visitors no longer have time or the inclination to spend 15 minutes scrolling down the page before they decide if they want to read your

The Future of Digital Publishing- Wow
August 16, 2012 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

My colleagues, Ellen Britt and Denise Wakeman have just published the results of their recent digital publishing survey in the form of a gorgeous information-packed downloadable report… The 2012 Digital Publishing Industry Survey: How Online Entrepreneurs Are Using Digital Publishing to Grow Their Businesses…  Right now, they are giving away this valuable report, based on

“Do a Costanza” with Your Book’s Competition
January 13, 2012 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Few authors want to think about competition. It may feel crass or unspiritual to think of competing with other authors. It may frighten you to think that other books have already been written on your topic. Most authors don’t like the idea of crushing their competition and may even avoid looking to see what other