Category: Book Marketing

Category: Book Marketing

Platform Part 3, Income
October 7, 2011 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

Thanks again to the creative team at Greenleaf Book Group for sharing this platform building series! Income. It’s the last piece in the platform development puzzle and the final brick on your path to success. It’s an absolutely essential function of your business and brand. It’s where your audience shows you the money, and it’s

Got Platform?
October 5, 2011 Book Marketing,Publishing Lynneklippel

From the Creative Team at Greenleaf Book Group The term “platform” is ubiquitous these days. We see it in the business world, hear it bandied about among authors, experts, and speakers, and experience it in the social media landscape. This phenomenon isn’t accidental. Platform is a powerful concept that reflects the content, brand, positioning, credibility,

When Your Book Does Not Fit: How to ensure your book delivers for your ideal readers
September 30, 2011 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

The people of Ecuador are tiny in stature.  I am a tall, strong woman of German farm stock.  When I tried on gorgeous jackets in the “Leather Village” of Cotacatchi, Ecuador, nothing fit me.  The sleeves were absurdly short, the shoulders tight, and we won’t even discuss the circumference. However, at one store with particularly

July 12, 2011 Author Income Streams,Book Marketing,Uncategorized Lynneklippel

I’d like to thank Lynne for having me as a guest today, as part of my new book’s virtual blog tour. I’ve learned a lot from Lynne in regards to both, creating multiple streams of income with the message of my book and appreciating that my book is a gift to the world and thus

Stop Social Media Shame: Notes from the SPARK call with George Kao
May 26, 2011 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

There are three great illusions in social media: that you must try every new shiny bright thing, that more is better, and that you must keep up by spending many hours every day on your social media activities. These illusions make us stressed out, guilty when we can’t keep up, and stop us from growing

The Book Sales Process: An overlooked and important consideration for your book
March 15, 2011 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

When authors call me to inquire about publishing or marketing services for their books, they are often stumped by one of my questions.  When I ask about the sales process for the book, the phone line goes silent. It is understandable.  Most authors are so thrilled to have their manuscripts completed that they have not

Fears That Stop You from Marketing Your Book And how to overcome them
January 25, 2011 Book Marketing Lynneklippel

Book marketing: Just hearing those words can strike terror into the hearts of new authors.  Book marketing can seem mysterious, difficult, or down right impossible.  I get calls all the time from authors who have boxes of books arriving on their doorstep and no idea what to do with them next. In my experience, there