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Category: Writing

End Copyright Confusion with Attorney Denise Gibbon
Image August 25, 2013 Publishing,Writing Lynneklippel

Have you even been confused by exactly how to protect your intellectual property? Meet Denise Gibbon, writer and literary attorney.  In this episode of Author Salon TV, Denise gives us the facts on: How do authors know when to place a copyright on their work? What 3 items are required for a legal copyright? How

Great Music to Write With
Image August 17, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

When I am writing, I love to have music in the background.  It helps me feel more calm, centered, and creative. However, it has to be a certain type of music.  When I’m writing, song lyrics distract me.  It seems like the words in the music stop me from hearing the words making their way

Quick and Easy Ways to Select the Perfect Book Topic- Part 3 of 3
Image August 3, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

This is the final article in a 3 part series.  Check the previous posts list on your right for the other two articles if you missed them. To take these exercises one step further, create a mind-map for each step on your learning path brainstorming all the ideas and information you know today about each

Quick and Easy Ways to Select Your Perfect Book Topic- Part 2 of 3
Image August 1, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

This is the second in a series of 3 articles on selecting your perfect book topic.  If you missed the first one, you can read it here : Step 2: Once you have a clear idea of what problem your book solves for your readers, write down the steps you will teach in your book.

Quick and Easy Ways to Select the Perfect Book Topic- Part 1 of 3
Image July 28, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

When you are in the process of writing your book, you may be overwhelmed with all the ideas that you could possibly put into your book. You have ideas, stories, illustrations, and quotes flooding your mind, as well as a wealth of blog posts, articles, and other written material to pull from. All these ideas

A Book Inspired by Mom for Mother’s Day
May 12, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Paula G is a renaissance woman- a writer, artist, coach, and creator of a stunning book of photography and inspirational writing entitled Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence. Paula’s gorgeous book was inspired by her mother and the perfect treat for Mother’s Day. In this interview, you’ll enjoy learning from Paula and seeing some of the

Jane Goodall Book Scandal- How You Can Avoid This
April 3, 2013 Publishing,Writing Lynneklippel

Jane Goodall, the esteemed naturalist and best-selling author, is embroiled in a literary scandal. According to the reports in the Washington Post, New York Times, and other news outlets, Goodall’s latest book has been delayed by the publisher for numerous passages which were lifted from Wikipedia and other websites. The publisher now needs to get

5 Must-Read Books for Authors
March 11, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Great writers read. There is something about dipping into the written word that inspires you to write more powerfully. Whether you are writing a blog, a digital book, a home study course, or a full length book, the power of your writing will be enhanced as you observe the way that other writers use language.

Author Salon TV Launches Today
January 25, 2013 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

What would you do if you had something that you were deeply ashamed of and could not figure out why it kept happening? If you were like Colette Baron-Reid, you’d start studying yourself to find out why this problem kept occurring, see if anyone else had a similar issue, and the devote yourself to finding

Sacred Silence- Why You and Your Book Require It
December 13, 2012 Writing Lynneklippel

One of my book coaching clients had a painful experience this week.  Someone suggested that she review her book idea with some potential marketing sources.  She set up meetings with two people who might be able to recommend her book in the future and asked for feedback on her idea. Sadly, she was not given