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Category: Writing

Balanced Books: Make Your Book Appeal to the Head, Heart, and Hands of Your Readers
November 3, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

Successful non-fiction books have a balance to them.  They don’t just give readers dry facts, intense feelings or a list of action steps for self improvement.  If a book was all facts, it would be as entertaining to read as the phone book.  If it was filled completely with feelings, the experience of reading would

Squirrely Marketing: A Real-life Parable for Authors
October 21, 2011 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

St. Louis is celebrating baseball!  Our home team, the St. Louis Cardinals, won a spot in the World Series, despite having a terrible slump and many losses in the middle part of their season.  The team was plagued by injuries until August.  Once everyone was healthy, the team has been on a winning streak that

What’s Your WHY?
October 13, 2011 Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Kathleen Ragan, a stay-at-home mother, loved reading stories to her young daughters.  She took them to the local library every week to pick out fresh books and made story time an important part of every day. Kathleen began to notice a disturbing trend.  All the books she was reading featured male heroes.  As she began

The Power of Pause
September 14, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

Last weekend I read Faith and Will, a spiritual book by the iconic writer Julia Cameron.  In case you are not familiar with Julia’s work, she is the author of numerous best-selling books, blockbuster screenplays, and even several Broadway musicals.  In the writer’s world, she is one of the most influential teachers of the last

5 Ways to Strength Your Author’s Foundation
April 18, 2011 Uncategorized,Writing Lynneklippel

Have you ever tried to work on your book while sitting at your kitchen table surrounded by dirty breakfast dishes and a crying toddler, while you worry about getting everyone out of the door to an appointment in thirty minutes? What about the day when your to-do list is three pages long, you are anticipating

Demystifying Front and Back Matter
April 12, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

Have you heard the terms Front and Back Matter and been wondering what they mean? Front matter refers to all the pages in a book that come in front of the manuscript. Common components of the front matter include the title page, legal or copyright page, a foreword, dedication, table of contents, acknowledgements and introduction.

Name and Claim – Why Authors Must be Able to Document Results
March 24, 2011 Uncategorized,Writing Lynneklippel

As an entrepreneur who wants to write a book as a business building tool, the chances are strong that you are currently serving clients in some fashion. Many of you serve as coaches, consultants, trainers, healers, or professional practioners. It is important to use the credibility and skill that you have developed in your business

The Elusive Perfect Reader
January 29, 2011 Writing Lynneklippel

One of the first questions you’ll hear from a publisher, writing coach, or interviewer is, “Who should read your book?” Most of us want to say, “Everyone!” While you probably do have information in your book that will help many people, it is highly unlikely that everyone in the world will need to read it.