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Lynne Klippel listens carefully, checks for clarification, makes great suggestions and empowers you to make the decisions you need to make while writing and publishing.  She creates the exact proposal for your project that takes into consideration what you need, what you desire and like, and she doesn’t add things you don’t need.  She is willing and able to fill the gaps in my own skill sets.  I’ve worked with Lynne for a few years now and she and her team are professional, responsive, creative, resourceful and flexible.  Always the master teacher, Lynne gently teaches and guides your choices and she walks with you every step of the way.  She and her team provide the perfect one-stop shopping for creative writing and publishing!

            “When I think about how I feel when working with Lynne and her team, comfort is the first word that comes to mind.  It is very comfortable and easy to communicate with Lynne and the team she has magnetized to her business.  More than that, I feel comforted by how they care for me, tend to my questions, assist me to understand the why’s and the how to’s of the entire process, and authentically care about my success.  Look no further.  If you have arrived at this webpage, you are definitely in the right place!”

Alberta Fredrickson, Author of 3 books published by Lynne, 'Growing Courage', 'Transforming Everyday Conflict' and 'Resume of a Disciple'