Enhance Your Creativity on A Greek Island

Writer’s Retreat June 7-13, 2020


Greece is the birthplace of some of the most enduring ideas and writings on Earth. Just imagine soaking up the culture and creativity in the air there. How would time spent gazing at the blue of the Aegean Sea, tasting local olives, feta, and cuisines, and immersing yourself in local culture widen your ability to paint with words?


Come retreat with me to the beautiful island of Skianthos Greece, where Mama Mia was filmed. This retreat will open your wellspring of ideas, help you find colorful stories in everyday experiences, and re-ignite your passion for your writing.


We’ll meet at a hotel near the Athens Airport on Sunday, June 7 where we’ll rest, relax, and enjoy a festive welcome dinner.
On Monday, June 8, we’ll travel to the seaport where we’ll board a ferry for the ocean journey to the island, crossing bright blue waters and leaving the every-day hassles of the world behind.
We’ll journey to a sumptuous private home on Skianthos, home of the 7th best beach in the World, complete with an infinity pool, terraces, and bedrooms with king sized beds and high-end linens. This home is owned by a British interior designer, so you’ll be surrounded by comfort and beauty at every moment.
This house will be our nest for 5 nights. During our time on the island, we’ll take daily exploration trips, have group time to work on creativity and dreaming new visions of your future writing, and have plenty of time for relaxing and individual writing.
The retreat will conclude on Saturday, June 13 where we’ll part at the airport after riding the ferry back to the mainland. You’ll be free to continue on in your travels of Greece or head home.

Co-Ed/Partnering Options

Because this retreat will focus on creativity, you are welcome to bring your spouse, partner, adult child or share a room with another writer if you wish. Or, come solo, knowing that you’ll be wrapped in a warm community of people who understand what you are trying to accomplish and will offer their support. Lifelong friendships are often formed at my retreats, so if you are looking for more like-minded friends, you’ll be in the right place!

All-Inclusive and Exclusive

Decision fatigue is a psychological state when your brain gets tired from having to make so myriad decisions and plans, leaving little energy for creation. To spare you from the decision fatigue of international travel, including currency conversion, this is an all-inclusive retreat. You’ll only need cash for any personal shopping that you’d like. All meals, transportation, and excursions will be paid for you. Your brain will be free to notice, make connections, and collect fresh ideas.
There are just 4 rooms available for this retreat, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of access to individual coaching with me as well as time for your voice to be heard during our writing activities.


Because of the complications of arranging international travel, all registration includes a $500 non-refundable deposit.
Your registration includes:
• Your initial hotel room in Athens
• Transportation via car and ferry to and from Skianthos
• A private, air-conditioned, room with a king-sized bed for you to enjoy on your own or with a partner
• All meals, beverages, and snacks for the entire retreat
• Wi-Fi in the villa, although you’ll be too busy having fun to spend many hours online
• Transportation on the island
• Daily excursions and creativity treasure hunts. We’ll explore beaches, markets, olive groves and all the treasures of the island
• Run of the villa including the pool, terraces, and living areas
• Transportation back to the Athens airport, including the ferry and all ground transportation
• Daily writing and creativity sessions
• On-demand individual coaching on your writing, publishing, and marketing challenges
The investment for this magical seven-day retreat is $4997 for one person and an additional $1197 for a guest who shares your room.
This investment is not chump-change. It’s a serious investment in your well-being and your writing. Please do not register if this level of investment causes harm to your finances. If you decide to attend this retreat, I want you to feel proud that you are giving yourself this gift.
You may choose a full-pay or payment plan option.

Important Information

Because of the complications of arranging international travel, all registration includes a $500 non-refundable deposit.
If you register for the retreat and need to cancel, you can get a refund minus the $500 deposit until March 1, 2020. There are no refunds after March 2, 2020, but you will be able to gift or resell your place in the retreat to another writer if you are unable to attend.
How does your heart guide you?
Do you feel called to retreat with me on the island of Skianthos?
Can you feel the sun on your face, the warm ocean breezes, and the stories waiting for you in the footsteps of writers who have influenced our world for thousands of years?
Do you see us laughing and savoring new tastes and places in days of creativity and community?
How would your writing practice benefit from devoting a week to rest, creativity, and nurturing?
If this elegant and exclusive retreat is right for you, select your registration options here:
1. Full payment of $4997

2. Payment Plan with $500 due today and six additional payments of$799

Guest registration is due in full on or before May 1, 2020. You can register your guest at any time prior to then. Just email me and I’ll send you the link.
This retreat will sell out. If you have reached this page and the retreat is full, you’ll be able to join the wait list. In case of a cancellation, people on the wait list will be offered the opportunity to attend the retreat on a first-come, first-served basis.
Questions? I’m delighted to answer them! Just pop me an email at