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I’d like to thank Lynne for having me as a guest today, as part of my new book’s virtual blog tour. I’ve learned a lot from Lynne in regards to both, creating multiple streams of income with the message of my book and appreciating that my book is a gift to the world and thus to remember why I wrote my book in the first place.

Your book is the doorway to developing multiple streams of income. From a digital eBook to a high-priced coaching program, your book provides you with the content and credibility to offer your audience more while increasing your streams of income.

You can generate a passive income on the Internet when you create a single product and repurpose it into multiple products, thus getting paid several times on the same content. Some people prefer to read while others like to listen to a CD in their car and still others prefer to view a video. Why not provide all of these options and give people a variety of products to choose from?

One of the richest forms of raw material for your products is an audio recording. When you deliver a presentation, via an audio teleseminar for example, you can have that recording transcribed and thus have the written material available from which to create additional products.

A teleseminar is a seminar conducted over a telephone as a conference call. Teleseminars are a fantastic way for you to share your expertise with a large group of people at one time. You can create an MP3 recording of your teleseminar to provide to those who are not able to attend the live call.

Teleseminars can be delivered on any topic. They can be interactive or presented as a lecture or seminar. Teleseminars are very effective in getting your message out to solve the challenges that your audience is facing and for you to become a well-known expert in your field.

Teleseminars can be very profitable and are invaluable as a source of content that you can repurpose into a wide variety of additional information products.
As an author, teleseminars provide you with a powerful way to:
• Share the message of your book and develop a following.
• Provide a platform for a book study program.
• Teach a course based on the content of your book.
From eBooks to videos, audio recordings to eCourses, blog posts to workbooks, there are a wide variety of products that can easily be produced from your teleseminar recordings and transcripts. Offering a wide range of options not only provides additional revenue sources for you, it also makes your message more accessible and easier for more people to digest.

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    D'vorah Lansky

    Hi Lynne, Thank you for hosting me on my 21-Day virtual book tour. I look forward to connecting with your readers and am happy to answer any questions. I also welcome comments and idea sharing. All the best! D’vorah

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    College Papers

    I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.

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    Vanessa Morrison

    Great information! I knew about the teleseminars but didn’t even think about the e-courses from the content of the book. I will be publishing my book in 2012 which is also non-fiction and will be visiting your site for more information.



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