Nobody Tells You This Stuff….


Writing a book is a life-changing journey. You will experience incredible highs and lows.  Some days you will want to joyously share your writing with the world and other days you’ll want to trash it and obliterate your sorrows with potato chips.

Writing a good book requires bravery, determination, self-compassion, and grit.  People think it is easy until they try it. 

There will be stumbling blocks along the way.  You’ll fear rejection one day and the next day worry about being mobbed at the grocery store once you achieve best-seller status.  You will encounter ghosts from your past who told you to sit down and be quiet or that boys would not date you if you were too smart.  You’ll be tempted to skim the surface of your ideas, stay safe, and binge watch movies instead of writing something meaningful and honest. 

And yet….you have an idea that won’t let you go. 

You know you have a message to share, a message that will bring hope, solve a problem, or inspire others.  If you don’t write your book, you’ll be endlessly disappointed in yourself.  Your heart and soul long to be shared.

Wouldn't it be great to have an experienced, kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable mentor by your side?  

You don't have to do this alone!






Let’s talk about your idea and how I can support you. 

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I mentor authors who want to write a book that matters, that makes them proud, and that earns respect in the marketplace. My specialty is non-fiction for the adult market- self-help, memoir, business, parenting, health, or spirituality.  If you have a book that will empower readers, I can help you get it out into the world.




If you need a mentor who will encourage you to write your best book, guide you with practical writing advice as well as removing the personal and spiritual blocks that get in the way, I’m here for you. When I’m your writing mentor, you’ll benefit from:

  • Solid, how-to information that fills in any gaps in your book writing knowledge
  • Honest feedback about the strengths and opportunities in your writing
  • Empowering conversations about your dreams and how to make them into your reality
  • Intuitive insights into why you are blocked and tools that will get you back to writing fast
  • Gentle and persistent encouragement to write deeply and authentically so that you love your book and so will your readers






Lynne Klippel has the unique capability of grasping what is going to work for you, as an author. There is no boilerplate approach. She knows how to listen, and how to tailor some of the immutable laws of publishing to your style, as an author. Lynne brings out your best, and shows you how to revel in who you are, as well. Writing a book is such a personal process, even if you are creating a business book, like I did. My book is meant to inspire, not lecture. My book is designed to be accessible and human. I owe my book's becoming a real live, walking talking reading extension of who I am, to Lynne Klippel. 

Babette Ten Haken, Author of 'Do You Mean Business?'





Lynne is not only my editor and publisher; but I now count her as a friend.  I found her invaluable and would not have a finished published book if it were not for her gentle guidance and belief in me when I lost sight of the project.  Lynne has a knack of "just knowing" her writers and what they experience on the writer’s journey.  It is almost as if her intuition alerts her to "what is up" long before the writer does!  With this innate ability, she was able to guide me gently but firmly back on track when I wanted to give up.  I was so fortunate to have her walk with me on my journey.  Lynne truly understands the editing/publishing world and keeps the process on tract seamlessly it appears.  To me, she is brilliant at her craft and worthy of promoting to all my friends who wish to be fellow potential authors.

Anne DeButte, Author of 'Grief’s Abyss'




I’ve had the joyful privilege of working with Lynne Klippel on two of my most recent books. We published Insights of an Ordinary Man in 2011 under the Spirit Wind imprint – a collaborative labor of love that became my first Best Seller. In 2016 I signed on once again to bring THE FOURTH REFLECTION to life – which was published under the Thomas Noble Books imprint.

Lynne Klippel’s passion, integrity, and expertise helps grant peace of mind to any impassioned pen-pusher with a tireless yearning to publish their work, their words, their gift. Lynne is an experienced and reliable literary midwife that cares deeply about the birthing of each and every book she lends her spirited skill to. Working with her on my last two books, was a double blessing indeed!

Wayne Allen LeVine, Author of 'Insights of an Ordinary Man and The Fourth Reflection'




I am Dr. Tricia Working, author of 'The Fur Agreements, lessons in consciousness from the animals'.  I have the opportunity to have my book change the way animals are perceived here at home in the US and across the globe because of my work with Lynne Klippel. 

She turned a gifted writer into an established author and businesswoman - through her programs, her marketing strategies and her mentoring, I have gone from a reluctant artist to a clearly defined businesswoman having the opportunity to do international radio shows and telesummits, working with pet guardians and rescue organizations to help them develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with the animals in their care and supporting them in seeing the animal kingdom with new eyes.  

Lynne told me in the beginning that writing the book was only the first step and that the ultimate goal would be to create a business around the book.  No one ever talked about this before nor provided the information in which to do so -  Lynne does this in a most sacred way, honoring the spirit of each of her authors and helping them to define and clarify their vision in a way that will be successful for them in the outside world. 

For several years I balked at the idea of creating a business and the steps required to become successful in it, but thanks to Lynne's mentoring, friendship and belief in me, I now experience myself as a thought leader and a businesswoman. I love the speaking opportunities that my book has opened up for me. 

If you desire to write the book of your dreams and to get your message out to the world, don't miss out on this amazing coach, teacher, mentor and WayShower.  I promise you will not regret it.

 Dr. Tricia Working, Author of 'The Fur Agreements'