Name and Claim – Why Authors Must be Able to Document Results

Name and Claim – Why Authors Must be Able to Document Results
March 24, 2011 2 Comments Uncategorized,Writing Lynneklippel

Authors Must be Able to Document Results

As an entrepreneur who wants to write a book as a business building tool, the chances are strong that you are currently serving clients in some fashion. Many of you serve as coaches, consultants, trainers, healers, or professional practioners. It is important to use the credibility and skill that you have developed in your business to help you write a strong book and market it effectively.

One of the most important ways you can do this is to name and claim the results that your clients or customers achieve when they work with you. Consider these examples:

  • A career consultant might say that her clients create resumes that get them interviews even in a down economy.
  • A corporate trainer might say that 95% of his students are able to manage their time more successfully and get more done with less stress.
  • A parenting coach might say that she helps Moms enjoy their teenagers without arguments about undone homework or dirty socks strewn all over the house.
  • A realtor might say that his listings close an average of 2 weeks faster than other realtors in his city.

Think about your business. What results do your clients achieve when they work with you?

Spend some time listing as many results as you can. Use numbers and percentages if appropriate.

Then, think of three to five of your most successful clients. How did they use what you taught them to improve their lives or their careers? Write a brief case study or story about each of those clients, including where they were when you started working together, what you did for them, and the success they achieved at the end of your work together.

These case studies can be used to illustrate points in your book and provide proof that the methods you teach in your book are solid. They can also help you clearly articulate exactly what benefits you bring to the world. When you can name and claim the positive results you bring to your clients, you will gain confidence and write from a strong perspective. Additionally, you’ll have even more passion for serving others with the material in your book.

Your ideas matter. When you are able to confidently name and claim the benefits that those ideas bring to others, you will believe that your book matters too.

However, this is not a one-time-only exercise. Once your book is published, you will start to get emails from readers expressing how your book helped them. As you continue to teach your material and promote your book, the circle of the results you help to create will grow ever wider.

Why not create a results file or folder? Start a running list of all the positive outcomes you help your clients and readers achieve. Not only will that material be useful for future books, it will warm your heart every time you review it.

To get you started today, can you name and claim one result that you’ve produced for a customer? Share it as a comment below and we’ ll celebrate it with you.

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    Teya Skae

    In the business of coaching women to be more authentic in business, relationships and parenting what stops us from being and having what we want is little pebbles in our shoes and I am privileged to remove those pebbles in my clients shoes so they walk their goal with ease, energy and confidence. Guilt is one of those pebbles, when people are run by guilt they subconsciously punish themselves with overwork, overwhelm, accepting low fees for their services and guilt affects every area of our life such feeling guilty for being human and not meeting everyone’s needs. When guilt is removed from our energetic template we have more energy to create what we want instead of pushing against what we don;t want and relying on guilt to motivate us to be a better person This causes a lot of stress/angst that creates physical symptoms as well as financial setbacks. Clear the guilt energetically and you eliminate self- sabotage. In Wellness and to Your Success! Teya

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      Lynne Klippel

      Teya- this is so powerful…and very powerfully written. I love your analogy of the pebbles in the shoe. Your work is very inspiring and important. Bless you for sharing it with the world.


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