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Why would anyone ever want to write a book without Lynne Klippel?


Working with Lynne on my fifth book, Dance into Your Power, answered that question for me emphatically.

No one should ever have to!

Here’s why:

Lynne is your biggest fan—she’s been where you are as an author and she knows what you’re going through. She’s been around the publishing industry for years and she’s written  her own books, including several best-sellers. As a result, she knows the shortest and most effective way to do everything you need to do to complete your book from start to finish: from a glimmer of an idea to a completed manuscript to a powerfully edited masterpiece ready to take its place on the short list of the greatest books in your industry. She’ll show you exactly what to do and be cheering you along, every step of the way.


Lynne is meticulous with details. There’s nothing you need to know that she doesn’t know. She guides you through the entire publishing process at your own pace; she gives you just enough information every step of the way to inspire you to greatness. With the help of Lynne’s practiced eye for all those details, I found myself moving through the two-and-a-half-year process of writing this book with an ease and grace I had never experienced with my previous four books. Lynne gives you every tool you need along the way, exactly when you need it. Her knowledge and skill are awe-inspiring; the patience and grace with which she shares them make her one-of-a-kind.

Lynne absolutely loves her authors! She loves her work and she loves her industry. All this love makes her generous, patient, and intuitive with you; she knows exactly what you need, when you need it, so you can create your masterpiece. (She doesn’t do it alone, either. She’s gathered a team of experts who are every bit as passionate and skilled at their work as she is and who love her authors, too.) Her belief in me made me fearless; on the few occasions I got sidetracked, Lynne got me right back on track with her clear-eyed compassion and tender coaching.

Lynne Klippel takes the pain out of publishing! Working with her has transformed my experience of what it’s like to create a masterpiece. I won’t start another book without her—in fact, we’ve already begun talking about my next one.

If you want to experience the deepest joy of being an author, you want to work with Lynne. Run—don’t walk!—to her contact page and start working with her now! 

Maia Beatty, Author of 'Dance Into Your Power'

Your Book Done Your Way

I focus on publishing non-fiction books with an empowering, positive message. There are no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions for you and your book. Instead, you get individualized services, plenty of support and full creative control of your project.

I am picky and prudent, finding the highest quality solutions for your project at the most affordable pricing.  

Because I only publish books I love, I treat each project and each author like family, giving you the attention, support, and professionalism that you and your book deserve.

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"Lynne Klippel of Thomas Noble books was the perfect fit for publishing my memoir.  Every time I felt a bit overwhelmed by the process of independently publishing---and it is a process! Lynne's reassurance and expertise supported me through each challenge, whether that challenge was inner or outer.  She believed in the book, and that was important to me."

Nancy Swisher, Author of 'The Life that Woke Me Up Was My Own'


“I wasn’t sure if publishing a book of my own would ever happen.  But, the supportive, encouraging team at Business Building Books made the publication of my first book one of the most pleasant, problem-free experiences of my career.  From concept to final product, the team was highly professional and committed to letting the book be ‘mine.’  The excellence of the editing was confirmed when my clients say, ‘I hear your voice as I read.’  Many speak of the beauty of the cover art. I plan to partner with this group again.  And, by the way, Lynne Klippel is one of the nicest, most well-informed, capable individuals I know.  After this experience, I am privileged to call her friend.”

Michael Godfrey, Author of 'Without Regret'





At the beginning of the year, I committed to republishing my 2009 business book.  I needed to rename it, update certain sections, and create a new cover.  I tried researching the guidelines for republishing so I could do it myself, but I realized quickly that I needed someone knowledgeable to help make solid decisions.  I didn’t want to waste money with unnecessary mistakes either.  Lynne spent time with me discussing my book.  We set deadlines built around three upcoming speaking engagements.  She suggested we publish on Kindle; an added benefit for me.  Working with Lynne and her team was a very satisfying investment.  I really felt I had a partner.  Lynne made suggestions about trademarking some of my work, and weighed in on important decisions.  She also predicted that extra money would appear once I made the decision to get started.  She was very right about that, too!  I have another half written book sitting waiting for attention and I can’t wait to convince Lynne to help me finish that one next year.   

Timi Gleason, Author of 'Becoming Strategic'