Quick Video Tip on Writing More by Doing Less

Quick Video Tip on Writing More by Doing Less
May 5, 2014 26 Comments Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

Today’s tip is counter-intuitive…..I’m telling you to write less??

Let me know what you think about this tip in the comments below.

Happy writing!

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    Kathleen Gage

    Great tip Lynne. And yes… very counter intuitive. Sometimes we can try to push so hard we get nothing done. Take the break, let source flow and become more productive.

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    Perfect suggestion for me. A five day writing retreat sounds like good medicine. i llove the idea of writing for a predetermined time then taking a brisk walk.

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    Excellent. Thank you, Lynne. I’m going to put this tip into practice. And, I got a kick out of the fact that, after the silent retreat, you are “speaking” this tip on video.

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    Peggy Lee Hanson

    Boy oh boy! Is that ever me! Hours can go by when I’m engrossed in my writing! I already went for a short this morning, but will try to take another one later today when I’ll be in my writing mode. Thanks for the tip, Lynne!

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    Sue Couch

    Lynne…love the video…a message I keep having to remind myself about, since it’s easy for me to just stay stuck in my chair for long periods of time, especially when I’m “on a roll”. Thanks!

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    I went to a silent retreat years ago and it changed my life. I agree with you!
    Take a look at what I write on my website every day. I take a walk first before I write– and when I do, my writing is so much better.

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    Deborah Taylor

    You are so right, Lynne. Whenever I’m feeling sluggish and my energy is low, I go out and walk by the sea (it’s only 200 yards away!). I sit on my favourite bench, look out to sea and listen to the waves. It’s a huge tonic for body, mind, spirit and inspiration!

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    Art Maines

    Hey Lynne!
    This ABSOLUTELY works for me. I did this a lot when I was writing my book, and even now when I’m writing blog posts or other pieces of content. I recommend this to my clients as well. Great advice!

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    Ruth Lee

    Great lesson Lynne! I stood up and stretched and determined my lower back was very tight after sitting over 2-1/2 hours straight while coaching and writing this morning…You know you should stop to save your back…but you forget it and then you pay the price later…at least i have! Definitely great advice on dropping all thought and letting whatever you have in mind subside and come out in other ways! Bravo!

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    Cathy Severson

    I LOVE your video clip. I’ve actually been struggling with writing on my blogs. Instead of just writing, which I’m going to try to get back into, I’m also going to focus on doing video tips. Awesome. AND, you inspired me to go on a writing retreat. Three for 1 not bad. 😉

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    Very good counsel. Thank you, Lynne!

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    Julie Powell

    Hi Lynne,
    When the buns go numb the body is asking for what it needs. It is very important to allow the body to enjoy activity, to increase circulation and to breathe deeply. Movement creates space for that inspiration to get through and it is so refreshing for both the mind and body. You can’t access your best inspiration without adequate respiration. I teach that in my yoga classes, but it is an important everyday need for everyone. Thanks for the tip!

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    Lynne, your tip is one I use on a regular basis. There is something about changing your location after sitting for 90 minutes and writing that brings the flow back. Taking deep breaths of fresh air and just enjoying your surroundings does wonders for me too!

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    Darlene Chadbourne

    Thank you so very much Lynne. I am so guilty of doing just that. I will set the timer for myself and see how that goes. I always intend to walk but the day is gone before I know it. so this should help.

    I have been contemplating a silent retreat myself for this same purpose.

    Congrats on your accomplishment.

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    Pat Childers

    It was really great to see and hear you, even if it wasn’t in person. Your message was direct and to the point. Keep doing great work!!!

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    Lynne Klippel

    Thanks for this comments! So glad the video was useful.

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      Amazing grace! You talked very proficiently with ease and choose words as a good writer and author.
      The Video is a very good example of you Lynne,


      Lorie C Weeden

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        Lynne Klippel

        Wow, what a lovely compliment Lorie. Thank you! My boys say I talk too much so it is always a treat to hear from people who appreciate my words. Of course, I’m not talking about anything unpleasant here like homework or chores LOL

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    Gail Norris

    What fabulous ideas you provide for us, Lynne! Thank you very much! My walking is a challenge; however there is this terrific treadmill in the next room…think I’ll give it a productive go!

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    Nancy Showalter

    Great tip, Lynne. I’ve been in a very intense cycle at the computer right now and I do get out and enjoy the beautiful nature in our yard and the animals. And you are so right. It helps a lot! Thanks for sending. Love it!

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    Maire Shirley

    Lynne, you are a breath of fresh air. You are an excellent
    presenter. Great ideas for our new book.

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    Debbie Pokornik

    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for validating a tip I’ve used for years – both for writing and for preparing verbal presentations.

    My dog got me started on it by insisting I get up and walk her despite my deadlines. At first I would resist thinking I had too much to do to get out there, but I’m a dedicated dog owner so I’d do it anyway. The guilt of ‘taking a break’ quickly disappeared when I realized I was way more productive when I’d return.

    I’ve since learned our creativity often get’s stuck (for women especially)in our hips – so that walk or dance or whatever you do really can do wonders!

    Thanks again for sharing it – I love quick, practical tips like this 🙂

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    Always love what you share Lynne! Thank you so much!

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    Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D.

    As a very busy business owner, this is how I had to write my book. As you know, Lynne, the writing process only took 6 months. Thank you for being my book coach and publisher!

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    Barb Bolin

    Dear Lynne,

    You’re a fabulous speaker and also very refreshing! Thanks so much for what you shared, and it was very useful and practical.
    Thanks also for taking time to do this and to share yourself with us. And, you look great!

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    Susan Wright

    Great reminder Lynne! One of the reasons that I love coaching over the phone is because I find that I do better work walking around as I talk to a client. Bringing that same concept into my writing is fabulous! Thanks again.


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