Hi, I’m Lynne Klippel and I love books.


I could give you a long, boring list of my accomplishments, but what you really want to know is if I’m credible and can help you.  Let me review my background briefly and then share some words from clients.

If you feel a connection when you read these words, let's meet by phone and discuss your project. I'll listen thoughtfully and give you my best ideas on how to proceed.






What you need to know about me

  • Started reading before I could tie my shoes and haven’t stopped since.
  • Was good at school, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree as well as completing Ph.D. coursework 
  • Worked in the corporate world in education, training and development, management, and as a research librarian
  • Wrote and self published my first book in 2003 to attract clients to my corporate coaching business.  It changed everything!
  • Began helping other coaches, consultants and speakers write and publish books in 2003
  • Taught more than 20,000 aspiring authors across the globe since 2004
  • Created the first online certification program for business ghostwriters
  • Written 15 books so far- 5 under my own name and 10 as a ghostwriter.  Also created 75+ training programs and numerous assessments, ebooks, and webinars.
  • Published 250 books for authors I adore…and continue to seek passionate authors with important messages.
  • I work from a strengths-based perspective.  That means I point out the best in your writing and ideas, then tell you honestly, yet gently, how you can improve what you have to make it exceptional. I'm on your side and will never make you feel attacked or diminished for your ideas or writing skills.
  • My goal is to make the writing and publishing experience fulfilling and fun for my authors.
  • I don't believe the idea that you can write an amazing book in a few hours.  I believe that a book worth reading deserves time and professionalism.
  • My clients trust me to ensure they don’t publish a book that makes them look bad.  I am a staunch supporter of high-quality editing and design. That said, I am respectful of your budget and can connect you with people who do great work reasonably.
  • I'm a founding member of the Cuenca International Writers Conference and working to enhance literacy in my adopted country of Ecuador












On the personal side, I’m a mom of three adult sons who are my biggest joy.  I live in beautiful Ecuador, deep in the Andes mountains, on a dirt road with no name. My neighbors are kind and giggle at the silly things I say in my halting Spanish.  Some day I'll be fluent.

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota with parents who instilled a strong Midwestern work ethic and an enduring faith deep in my heart.  I was a proud member of our local 4-H club. My dad was famous for his laugh and his kindness.  My mom was honored for her leadership skills and wisdom. I've always wanted to be a blend of the best of both of them. My first job was shelving books in my little town's public library.  

When I am not reading or writing, I’m playing with my dogs, Millie and Clifford, hiking in the mountains, or cooking. In my past, I was an award-winning baker. I fantasize about opening a café/bookstore but realize I’d consume all the merchandise!

My day is complete if I can write, read, have a good conversation, and enjoy a deep laugh.






Lynne Klippel has a heart of gold and that of a lion.

I bow to anyone that has ventured to write a book because it was like walking into Mordor from The Lord Of The Rings, as I was tested more than any other time in my life.

I’m so thankful that I had Lynne beside me to keep the Orcs of my mind at bay that would have me cast aside my endeavors more than once.

Lynne knows what she is doing and is a fantastic guide and facilitator from conception, to developmental editing, to copy editing, to cover, to printing and right through to marketing the book.

Writing and publishing a book is too big a challenge to go it alone and I might be still struggling with the realization of Curing The Unmet Needs Disease if it had not been for Lynne. ”

 Simon Reilly , Author of 'Curing the Unmet Needs Disease'






 “After months of promising myself I’d finally finish my book, I made the brilliant decision to contact Lynne Klippel to keep me in forward momentum to get the job done. 

My book is an essential component of my work and an opportunity to spread my teaching far and wide to so many people who want this knowledge. It’s become my calling card, an entry point into my higher-priced services, a framework for online courses, my foundational message for speaking… more important to building my brand and business than I ever had imagined. 

I’m not only thrilled with Lynne’s top-notch services, but grateful that she held the same high standards in the final product as I did. For a caring, genuine, smart partner to guide you toward publishing your work, hire Lynne now!”

Miriam Zacharias, Author of 'The Peace Process'






“If you have any intention of writing and publishing a book, Lynne Klippel is a ‘must-have’ on your team.

She is the consummate professional, knowledgeable, polished, pro-active, thoughtful, insightful. 

As if that weren’t enough, Lynne makes an otherwise daunting process for a first-time author actually fun. She has an entire team of equally skilled professionals to bring to your project, all of whom share her passion for excellence.

I am thrilled with the finished product of our work together, and endorse Lynne’s services without reservation.”

 Susan Freeman, Author of 'Step Up Now'





“Lynne Klippel and her team met my every expectation. Lynne Klippel saw to it that the physical presentation of the book I wrote was beautiful, compelling, curiosity-arousing and inviting.

Lynne carried out her end of our contract to the letter and best of all she kept me informed about what the author needs to know about what’s happening behind the scenes. She even managed to get my project finished six weeks earlier than I had anticipated.

It was great good fortune for me to have been introduced to Lynne and I would recommend her work to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and active publisher. She was efficient, very professional, appropriately communicative, and pleasant to work with. She was always on top of the project and moved it along quickly.”

Rebecca Field, Author of 'To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos'