Some Scary Stuff Going On Here

Some Scary Stuff Going On Here
February 21, 2019 No Comments Author Inspiration,Writing Lynne Klippel

I’ve had a book project on my heart for the last two years.  And, I’ve procrastinated for that entire time.  It was so easy to take on other people’s projects and avoid doing my own writing.  I’m a ghostwriter– that’s how it is supposed to be, right?

This book idea is scary.  There many reasons why I should not do it.  It is very personal, it’s in a crowded genre where I have no name recognition, and some days I wonder if it is all that interesting.

But, the idea won’t let me go.

So, last December when I was doing my 2019 planning, I got sick of my own excuses and did some scary things.  I paid someone for a book launch on September 5, 2019.  I committed to taking on no new big clients until June, and deeply slashed my salary so that I could spend the majority of my time on this book during the first part of the year.

Some days I feel brave and prolific.  Other days I am scared to death, both of being seen in a new way, and of the could-be-crazy investments I’ve made to make sure I don’t chicken out and quit.

Why does this matter to you?

It’s helpful to know that every author struggles with fear, even people like me who have been doing this a long time.  It’s also important to realize that you will be required to make some trade-offs for your dream.  I’m not recommending that you take the same risks I did.  Find your own comfort level and motivators.

Know that you are not alone in your struggles to get your writing out into the world.  I’m right here in the trenches with you.  Each day when I start my work, I send up a prayer for all of us, asking that our words flow with ease and grace so that they reach the readers who need to hear them.

We are in this together!


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