Stuck in the Writing Wasteland?

Stuck in the Writing Wasteland?
February 2, 2015 No Comments Author Inspiration,Writing Lynneklippel

In last week’s training call we talked about the 12 stages of the Author’s Journey. Step 6 is one that presents many challenges for authors. I call this step The Writing Wasteland. It’s the stage where you are in the process of writing your book and experiencing joy, frustration, fear, elation, pride, and extreme doubt. It’s an emotional roller coaster.

Some days you feel great and the words seem to flow from your fingertips. Other days you feel stuck, unsure, and wonder if you are just a little bit nuts for even attempting to write a book.

There are 2 ways to move through the writing wasteland as quickly and easily as possible:

  1. Learn the nuts and bolts of writing a good book. A big part of the stress experienced in this step comes from a lack of knowledge. It’s your first time so it only makes sense that you’d have questions and feel unsure.
  2. Get the right kind of a support. A wise mentor can support you emotionally, shave time off your learning curve, and give you the accountability, structure, and organization process you require.

I’d love to talk with you about the possibilities of becoming your mentor. If you are tired of going it alone and floundering in The Writing Wasteland, I can help.

I’m offering some free strategy sessions this month where we can explore where you are and how to move ahead with your book.



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