Successful Author Secrets- 3 Minute Video Tip

Successful Author Secrets- 3 Minute Video Tip
January 19, 2014 27 Comments Writing Lynneklippel

Do you feel like your creativity could use a boost?

This video will give you a quick tip you can implement today.


What do you think?

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    Susan Forster

    Wonderful video and so great to hear your message to stimulate creativity by not having stimulation. I could not agree more with tapping into inner resources. Great to watch video as replacement for ezine. Keep up the inspiration.

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      Irwin Schinkel

      As you say often we are swamped by too many demands and need to find quiet time to focus. Lately I’ve been getting “must watch this” e-mails with offers of webinars at a rate of two, three or four a day. Short to the point messages are much preferable. Good Luck and Enjoy the situation. Irwin

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    Alan Stransman

    Lynne, I admire you for the bold initiative of moving to Ecuador – you couldn’t persuade me to do that as there is a kind of quiet which is deafening and that is what I see in the video – but, if you can focus there and create, I commend you and wish you luck. Libraries are quite places, too, and some writers actually need the stimulation of a bit of coming-and going, which you get in a coffee shop. Many different ways of finding the right setting for concentrated work but you seem to have found something that suits you.

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    great to listen!! my environment is at this stage full of peace and harmony-very quiet actually, full of tranquallity and in the bushveld of south-africa. i’m not a writer but i do give speeches and training, soon to travel extensively to many countries.keep well and keep it up, regards, HANS HAMMAN.

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    Barbara Smailey

    Hi and Happy New Year!!!

    Love the video and your enthusiasm about your new world! The music was quite jarring and not in keeping with your calm, centered, great balance of left and right brain presentation…just my opinion!

    Your message is so true! And your video is inspiring on so many levels, please keep them coming!

    Your fan,


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    Hi Lynne

    Lovely to hear from you and even better to see you. Your front porch looks great and thrilled to hear you’re thriving there. Love the short tips videos idea much more personal than a written newsletter and great tip too. Will be planning a 30 min quiet time in as standard from now on. With love & best wishes – Ellen x

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    Art Maines

    Hey Lynne!
    LOVED THIS! The video format is way cool. You’ve inspired me (again!) to use this in my new and improved ezine (vzine?). Thanks for that part, but also for articulating what I have been feeling lately, which is that I need to get more peace and quiet in my life so I can keep going with promoting my book and speaking engagements.

    You’re the best,

    Art Maines, LCSW
    author, Scammed: 3 Steps to Help Your Elder Parents and Yourself

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    It sure looks beautiful and beautiful. Most people don’t realize the stress of continuous background noise. Once it’s turned off, you almost make a sigh of relief!
    Yes, it’s in those times when you give yourself a break that your creative thoughts can be heard.
    Thanks for sharing about your new home.

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    Pat Pierce

    Dear Lynne, I think that you right on the spot with your suggestion of quiet time everyday. I am a walker, and when I walk I think. I come up with great ideas and come home and while the endorphines (sp) are flying, I write it all down. Walking is my creative time. thanks for the video. pat

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    J. R.

    I work well in white noise.
    I’ve always painted in white noise – a form of meditation for me.
    Silence clicks ‘on’ my left brain too quickly…

    “In times where there is ‘no time’
    we remember who we are” J. R.

    Look forward to getting your short videos – I, too, as ‘newslettered out’…lol

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    Darlene Foster

    You look so great in your new environment. So relaxed and happy. Finding quiet time is so important. Great video clip.

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    J. Gail Norris

    Loved the video and your quiet environment! I also like and have a quiet life. I have the best of all possible worlds for writing, thinking, meditating and listening or reading thoughts from wonderful people like you! Will Panama provide the same? It is what you choose and I choose quiet, peaceful, serene. Thanks for inspiring us, Lynne!

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    Connie Bennett


    Great video. You raise a very good point.

    Peace and quiet and beautiful nature nearby can help trigger your creativity.

    Like you, I’ve been on a creative spree since moving to a more calming place not far from the ocean (after my Mom passed away). I’m not in Ecuador though!

    By the way, my new hobby is taking sunset photos, which I’ve been posting on my blog. Sunsets are so soothing! Bet you have some gorgeous ones in Ecuador!

    Look forward to future videos.


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    Judy Helm Wright aka "Auntie Artichoke"

    Hello from Montana,

    Love the videos. I am getting tired of the ezines too. Thanks from the center of my artichoke heart.

    blessings, Judy Helm Wright

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    sue hull

    Thankyou Lynn
    I have a creative brain and yes the times it needs stimulation is in a quiet peaceful environment, then again there is a percentage of your time where you need to talk to someone (mentor) and seek to listen to people with experience in the fields you want to know more about etc.
    love to hear another quick video tip

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    j. Madison

    Love it! And love your enthusiasm, Lynn! Thanks!

  16. 1


    Hey Lynn
    Great to see and hear you. Ditto all the above comments.
    Loving this video clip – more please!
    Hoping your leg is fully mended now and you are able to skip up and down the mountains once again with grace and ease.
    Sent with love

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    Andrea Feinberg

    Lovely thought; I enjoy creating the quiet, personal space with a look at an inspiring view or personal mementoes that call to mind happy memories.

  18. 1

    Ruth Lee

    Love the format Lynne! Do me a favor, others, too…please put a link in so i can share these videos on Facebook…maybe even Pinterest??? So many others need to see this!

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    Sharon Wilson

    Happy New YEAR Lynne! I can feel the peace just watching this video! Totally agree that taking time is THE most important then we can do for success in our life and work! So appreciate your insights and tips you are the BEST!
    Love and JOY

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    Susan Freeman

    Hi Lynne!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful new perspective in Ecuador!
    I really like the video and message format. I am thinking this would be a good move for me to make in 2014 too; the weekly blog has me wondering about format and impact.
    Found music not in synch with your personal energy and message.
    Otherwise keep it up!


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    Carolyn Henderson

    Even being a couple days behind of “Successful Authors’ Tips,I found this tip very helpful. I have a 10 month old puppy which is just like giving birth to a baby who is now stuck in the terrible two’s.Etching out timeis the most difficult issue to to overcome.

  22. 1

    Carolyn Henderson

    Thanks for the tip from 1-19-2014. We have a puppy who demands more time than I knew it took to raise him. Suggesting quiet time is the goal.

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    Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D.

    I love it! I’m going to do this! It might take me a bit to get comfortable in front of a camera, but I’ve never shied away from a challenge.

    Also, I totally agree with your point, but I need MORE than 30 minutes of quiet a day. I could use about 4 hours at a minimum.

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    Barb Bolin

    Happy 2014 and also “Happy Year of the Horse.”

    Your video is outstanding!

    You not only look beautiful, but also what a fabulous setting. Thanks so much for all you shared–Very helpful and practical.

    And, Lynne, You are not only a great writer, but also a terrific speaker! Very articulate and also flowed very well. Thanks for taking time to do this.

    With Much Gratitude,

    Barb, from Beijing

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    Lucy Rouse

    Blessings to your Lynne, blessings as you truly followed your inner voice, and TRUSTING IN SPIRIT! You are an inspiration no matter what profession or vocation one has. U R LIVING PROOF, we can attain that yearning we just have to trust. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story. It is inspirational, I’m not a writer, but will always watch your video’s, KEEP EM ROLLING!
    Thanks for reminding us all, it is possible, everything is possible with God!
    Love & Prayers
    The Chaplet Lady

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    Claire Magdalena Sierra

    Lynne~ I totally agree. I did most of the writng and editing of The Magdalene Path at a cabin retreat an hour from home: no electricity, no internet, no facebook = no distractions. Highly recommend it. And for my “regular” life at home, 20-30 minutes of meditation time, and an hour a day for writing, was my general pattern. So little is enough!! And yes, the Magdalene Path launched in November (using tools/ideas I learned from your great class) and is available on Balboa Press and Amazon! (there’s a free sample chapter there and other goodies, too.)


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