The Author and the Hero’s Journey

The Author and the Hero’s Journey
January 21, 2015 No Comments Author Inspiration Lynneklippel

Last week I was doing some research on Joseph Campbell and his famous Hero’s Journey. Campbell studied the great myths and legends from around the world and found a 12 step process common to all great heroes.

I started thinking about authors and their experience of writing and publishing a book. Hours later I was still at my computer making spreadsheets, flow charts, and totally geeking out.

Here’s what I discovered:

Authors experience a personal 12 step journey that echoes the Hero’s Journey in many ways. It is both an internal journey of personal transformation as well as a physical journey from idea to book you can hold in your hand. You’ve seen this journey in everything from classic literature to fairy tales, to Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz. Yet, you might not have realized you are on the same journey!

This explains so much, such as:

  • why you start writing and then stop….and that process repeats often
  • why fear and resistance are such a huge stumbling block
  • why the ‘publishing hangover’ occurs
  • why even the best plans for writing get derailed, no matter how disciplined you are or how skillfully you manage your time

And…this is the really cool part…. Each of the 12 steps of the Author’s Journey contains a treasure or benefit for the Author… if you know how to find it.

I want to share this fascinating and practical information with you!

Join me for a free webinar on Thursday, January 29th and learn more about the hero’s journey you are currently walking as an author and how to uncover the treasures waiting for you in each of the 12 steps. These treasures will help you write a more powerful book, one that readers will relish until the final page.

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