The Measure of Author Success

The Measure of Author Success
December 19, 2014 No Comments Author Inspiration,Book Marketing Lynneklippel
It is a gorgeous clear day here in Ecuador and I’m sitting on my front porch writing and thinking about you.
I start every day, rain or shine, with a cup of tea and my journal on my front porch.  For an hour, I write for fun and to explore life more deeply.  I also wave at the  few vehicles going by on the dirt road.
On this morning I’ve been thinking about how success is measured for authors.  In the past it has been measured by number of books sold, speaking invitations, or additional clients.  Those are all good things.
But…what if we started to measure our author success in terms of impact and results along with the practical dollars and cents measurements?
If you write a book, blog post or article that touches a life or adds more love to the world, that is a beautiful and important thing, which should be celebrated.
I’m going to experiment with this concept in my business in 2015.  My goal will be to add more love to my work so that your writing can create more positive results in this world.  Sounds like fun!
Today,  before the bustle of the end of the year and holiday celebrations, let me thank you for being in my world.  I worked for many years in jobs I did not love so today I celebrate that I can work with people I love, birthing books I love.
May the next two weeks bring you joy, warm celebrations with family and friends, and a few moments of solitude to dream some new dreams for 2015.  Be sure to envision the love and positive impact your words will have on the world!
Here’s a big virtual hug from my heart to yours,
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