I recently had the pleasure to attend a writer’s retreat hosted by Lynne Klippel. The genius of the structure of the retreat was that she brought together a small group of like-minded individuals, some already published and some not, while she served as a catalyst for building synergy within our group. We benefited from the diversity that resulted in true collaboration in a nurturing environment. Lynne urged us to continually think bigger, to think of ways that we can get our ideas out so that we connect with our readers in a meaningful manner.

Lynne is an excellent book coach.  She gauges your ability well and takes you to the next level of effectiveness and achievement. She does this by evaluating your strengths and urging you to try new ways of writing.

If you are an inspiring writer, or even if you've already published a book or two, and are serious, I highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to attend one of Lynne's retreats. You will be glad did so.

 Jimm Hughey, M. S. , Author





I have worked with Lynne for a long time, and she'd already taught me a lot about writing non-fiction books and publishing in general. I admire her and her work. I went to her retreat hoping to have time write, space to write, and to meet Lynne face to face. I came back with a lot more: a renewed confidence in my writing and marketing abilities as well as new friends, kindred spirits and writing colleagues for life. Lynne's retreats are full of inspiration, practical tips, and free time to explore and put all the info she shares together in your own unique voice. It was also a transformative spiritual experience for me. It's only been a month, and I'm already getting much more attention for my existing debut novel (due out summer 2017), and I've found renewed motivation to work on my next one. Thank you, Lynne, my guide and my friend. 

Kathy Ramsperger




Having never before experiencing a writing retreat, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But knowing the fine work and programs Lynne Klippel offers, her Author-izing adventure had to be one of impeccable taste, deep learning, and soul-reaching writing. Lynne made the days pass almost too quickly by with the activities she planned for our experiential learning. If you ever get a chance to work with Lynne on this personal level, I suggest doing so. She is masterful at tapping into your potential as a writer.

Peggy Lee Hanson


















 Writing Retreats are magical.  Imagine carving out a time where you can get deep rest, enjoy both solitude and conversations with others of like mind, and give your full attention to your writing.

Depending on my writing and travel schedule, I offer retreats in the USA and in my adopted country, beautiful Ecuador.

Upcoming Retreats

Just Write Retreat Fall 2019 in Cape Cod- 2 weeks to choose from! 

Writing, community, mastermind groups, laughter, and creativity in amazing Cape Cod. What could be more wonderful?

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 Customized, private or small group writing retreats in Ecuador  If you want to jump start your creativity, write deeper and more swiftly than you can imagine, come to Ecuador for a couple of weeks and working with me in the environment that fuels all my work.  You can come on your own or with a small group.  Imagine stunning mountain vistas, cool clean air, kind people, great food, and full days with me working on your book.




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