Ghostwriter, Publisher, Mentor,

Fierce yet Gentle Champion of Authors and Books


Your Book Is You, Preserved On Paper


Your book carries your wisdom, experiences, and soul. It’s your gift to the world.

My gift is an ability to deeply hear you and guide you into writing the best, bravest, most important book you can.

Clients find me deeply intuitive, supportive, and surprisingly able to find the gold in their ideas.  My secret weapon?


I love books and their readers.  I also love enhancing the potential in a person or an idea. Mostly, I love the fact that I can participate in the process of bringing great books into the world.





If you want to create a non-fiction book or memoir that people buy and love reading, that makes you feel a glow of pride every time you glance at it, and that changes lives, you are in the right place.







10 Ways to Become Rejection Proof

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Here are a few of the 250+ books I've published.  I'd love to feature your masterpiece here!




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When you have a great book idea but don’t enjoy writing or have the 200+ hours required to create a quality book, I can help.

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Developmental Editing

When you are writing an important book, you need a champion and mentor who can keep you on track, support you when you want to give up, and teach you how to create your masterpiece.

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If you have a manuscript and want it transformed into a book that will make you proud, let me put my experience publishing over 250 books to work for you.

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Need to get away to get back in touch with your creativity? Longing for a community of kindred spirits who understand what you are trying to do and can inspire you to write bravely?

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"​I've worked with Lynne Klippel for years now. She is a rare combination of experience, wisdom, healing energy, and intuitive guidance. With a supremely supportive, authentic nature, and a lifetime of working with writers, she leads you to write your truth. An author herself, Lynne brings all her experience with publishing her own work and her decades of owning her own publishing company to bear for you when you work with her. She's been my coach, mentor, editor, teacher, and I'd even say, guardian angel, for she wants her authors to succeed. She has a gentle way of critiquing your work, yet her advice is spot on, always. I've done private coaching, learned to ghost write, attended marketing classes, and even met Lynne in person at a live writing retreat. The people she draws to her are of like mind and spirit. She only works with books that have meaning and that will matter in the world.  I wholeheartedly recommend your working with Lynne. She has everything you need to bring your book into being, to produce and publish it, and then to get in the hands of your ideal reader."

Kathleen Ramsperger, Author of 'Shores of Our Souls'





Lynne is an angel! She provides the perfect balance of compassion, patience, technical knowledge and skillful editing! I felt so completely supported birthing my first book, I returned to Lynne for my second, as well.

Dr. Mitch Tishler, Author of 'Me Finally and Seeing With Heart'



As a first-time author, Lynne has been instrumental in developing my understanding of the book publishing world. With her supportive style and thoughtful mentoring, she helped me realize the direction I needed to go to get my book in good shape.  Once the words were on paper, Lynne guided me through the process to self publish with confidence.

Beth E. Lee, Author of 'The Want Gap'



"When I decided I wanted to self-publish my book, Comfort, Healing and Joy, I knew I wanted someone who was not only knowledgeable and trustworthy, and had my best interests in mind… I also wanted someone with “heart,” who cared about my book and believed in it as much as I did. That someone was Lynne Klippel. Something told me that I chose the right person from the very beginning, and as it turned out I was right."

David Fox M.D.  Author of 'Comfort, Healing, and Joy'



"You want to write a book, but have no idea where to start or how to progress. Enter Lynne Klippel. Her gentle guidance, tack-sharp intellect, and impressive publishing experience breaks down the mountain of fear that lives within most writers. She "gets" the demons dancing on your dream, and deals with them in small manageable steps. As a client, I cannot recommend her talents more highly."

Gail Gates